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Listening to KickBend's debut single "Gone" (from 2009) and "Someday" one may be able to recognize a few of the same elements. Whereas "Gone" is all about a Chicagoland blues-rock band letting off steam on a Friday night, "Someday" is all about serving the story and its protagonist. The blues-talking guitar solo is still in there. The whiskey-n-honey lead vocal sounds familiar. The down-tuned bass guitar, arpeggiating acoustic guitar, and dynamic drums set the mood swings. The bookends and glue throughout the song are the sacred sounds of a classical cello.

cello: Kristina Jackson
drums: Glen Kosche
bass guitar: Joe Dugandzic
acoustic guitar: Luca DiNicola
electric guitars: Damir Shegich
keys and vocals: Dom Stasi
engineered and mixed by Larry Millas at World Stage Studios
mastered by Collin Jordan in The Boiler Room in Chicago
fresh ears: Danny Karabaic

KickBend released the single "Spin" on March 14 (aka pi day), 2014.  The tune was tracked, mixed, and mastered by Eric Nelson Yoder at Horse-Drawn Productions in Berwyn, IL.  Special thanks to Danny Karabaic at DK AudioMedia of Chicago and Glen Kosche at GK Drums for lending their ears.  Click here to preview or download "Spin" from iTunes. "Spin" was featured on The Brandmeier Show, The Ed Tyll Show, and TouchTunes Breakout Bands.

KickBend produced "Crumbs" and "Taken" (featuring Jessica Robinson) during the summer of 2012. The two songs were produced by Bob O'Connor at CFS Hammond, edited by Danny Karabaic at DK AudioMedia, mixed by Eric Nelson Yoder at Horse-Drawn, and mastered by Larry Millas at World Stage Studio. Sisters Mitzi and Storm sang background vocals, and horns were arranged by Andrea Lanctot (trumpet) and Tony Laudadio (trombone). Listen to tracks here.

KickBend recorded "Goin' Home" (featuring Glen Kosche on drums and percussion) with engineers Erik Widman at Tesla Studio in Chicago and Danny Karabaic at DK AudioMedia. The track was authored into a RockBand video game by Rhythm Authors.  Download KickBend's RockBand song "Goin' Home" for your Xbox 360 game here!  Rocketh on!

KickBend created an eclectic journey through the blues, soul, pop, rock, country, and folk. From the vintage record intro of "Gone" to the spacey outro of "The beat goes on", the album is a timeline of modern music.  Buy it here!

 Rosa Monckton  

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